Services Provided

We like to think of ourselves as a nonprofit Bed and Breakfast. The staff is ready and willing to answer the questions you mayhave about the house, the camp, or the area. Here are a few things we provide to our guests. And don’t worry, there is no extra charge.


We prepare meals during our high occupancy days at the Hospitality House. For those who are staying with us on an evening when we do not prepare dinner (Thursday for example) or if you don’t want to eat what we are serving at the house, The Big Wheel resturant (reasonably priced small town diner) and a Subway sandwich shop are the two options in Alderson.

Breakfast     6:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.         Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Continental Style consisting of a variety of cereal, bread, yogurt, fruit, juice, coffee and milk

Dinner      7:00pm    Friday         6:00pm    Saturday, Sunday

Dinners range from homemade pizza, lasagna and other pasta dishes, to enchiladas, burgers, hot dogs and sides to go along

Please eat your meals at kitchen or living room tables. If there is a spill please notify the staff so that we can clean it up right away. Please let us know if we should be expecting you for a meal.


We provide transportation to and from the Alderson Train Station and the Beckley and Lewisburg Airports. For those coming in on the train or plane, we provide transportation to and from the prison camp.

Listening ear

Whether you have been visiting the camp for years or this is your first time, we understand that sometimes you just need to talk. You may want to talk about your loved one at the camp, about the justice system, or just chit-chat; we are here to meet your needs and make you feel at home the best way we can, and one of those ways is a listening ear.

Knowledge of Alderson Prison Camp

Though we don’t have all the answers, we will try to help you with your questions in regards to visiting the Prison Camp.


In the visitation room at the camp, food and snacks can be purchased from vending machines.  Sometimes the change machine breaks down, and many guests prefer to have quarters ready when they head over.  We are able to exchange cash for quarters in $10 increments.

Weather and Road Condition Updates

If you are on the road and need some help getting to us, please just give us a call from your cell phone. We’ll do our best to get you safely to the house.