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  1. I just want to thank you both. It was a great experience from the first call to the last goodbye! My grandchildren loved our stay. We will be back in January! P.S. my granddaughter is still laughing about sliding down the stairs.

  2. Thanks so much! Our address is PO Box 579, 203 High St, Alderson, WV 24910

  3. Hi, there! I am Maureen’s cousin and Shannon Day’s niece. I would like to enter your address in my bill pay so that I can keep donating for such events like Mother’s Day in their honor. Can you send me your physical address for checks to be sent? Signing up for Kroger rewards as well!

  4. Anyone who has not been here has missed an astonishing experience. Brian & Kathleen have provided an exceptional resource for those that need to visit a loved one @ the FPC Alderson. Their hearts are in the right place. A welcome respite to those of us that have a loved one at the prison. AHH evokes a comfort for those of us that face a difficulty. All of the visitors there experience a heartache but find a solace to a difficult visit. I am so glad that my wife & i chose to stay @ AHH & when we next visit we will choose Brian & Kathleen & their welcomeness @ at AHH.

  5. What a blessing AHH is to anyone that steps through the doors. We were certainly hesitant but after several phone conversations with Kathleen and Bryan we decided to give it a chance and stay while visiting our loved one. That was the best decision we could have ever made. This home was so warm and inviting. The staff and even the other families were so kind, helpful and loving during such a difficult time. Thank you all so much! We will always support your mission! See you soon.

  6. This is my first time visiting this facility. I am forever grateful for the hospitality that the Alderson Hospitality House provides to my family in our unfortunate time of need
    Most grateful
    a Mom that’s much thankful

  7. My godparents are the directors, and my parents are godparents for the assistants. I have never been to the hospitality house, but hope to go very soon!!!! This is such a nice place, and I hope to volunteer here someday!!

  8. About 9 years ago when my wife was in Anderson for 3 months, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I love about 5 hours away and we didn’t have the money to have me come up every week and spend money on a motel. I thought I was going to have to sleep in my car and see her one day a weekend, then go home. Even the gas money was hard to come up with. She was so scared and had never been in trouble before. To make a long story short, we found out about the Anderson House and it was such a blessing. I got to come most weekends to see her and was treated so good by everyone at the house. You guys have done so much for so many people, you will never know how much you have touched people’s lives. I even got to bring the kids a few times and they had a great time visiting their mom and then hanging out with the kids at the house. We have just now gotten to a place where we are able to donate to you all. We will begin donating next month and hopefully every month to help other families like you helped ours. Thank you so much and may God Bless all of you for not being judgmental and for excepting everyone no questions asked. Thanks again. God Bless!!!

  9. Thank you for a place like AHH, Finances are difficult enough without having to spend a small fortune on a motel and eats, especially if ones has several children. The ministry you provide is priceless and will not go unrewarded.
    We found everyone to be very friendly and helpful on our first visit to Alderson. It made the experience so much easier. It was also wonderful to see “familiar” faces when arrived at the prison. Those more seasoned took us under their wing and walked us through the whole process.

    Thank you again and may God richly bless all that you do in His name for hurting families.

  10. this is an exception a place to be and stay, a home away from home a place where you can rest your soul invest in your mind and be at ease for family and for everyone, we all need a soft place to land someone and a place that cares for families.

    I always feel welcome me and my family we always look forward to staying here at the hospitality house, it is a safe haven a family and family a second family.


  11. That volunteer of yours is dear to my heart. Thank you for playing a part in her “rearing.” All of you, staff and guests, alike. Please continue to “grow her up” in the ways of compassion and patience and love. God bless you all.

  12. I love that volunteer you are now “rearing.” She sounds like a good fit for your facility and someone who can grow and help others to grow by simply “being.” God bless you all.

  13. what a wonderful place to stay. I never felt so welcome any place away from home as I did at the AHH. Julia was the greatest hostess I’ve ever seen. she was hard working, always there for you, she was also a great cook, and actually cared about people, and her smile warmed the hearts of all that was there. I really enjoyed my stay there, and am saddened that I won’t be coming back, as my Niece will be released this December.
    the church where I pastor at is going to be sending a donation to help defray the cost of running AHH. we are a smaller church, but we can help some. you will be our missions support. God Bless You all.
    Pastor Bill Haley
    Newcastle, Wyoming

  14. I just spent a week at the Alderson house, with my Sister-in-Law, Nancy Bair, and nephew, Shane Bair. My name is Bill Haley. We were there to see my Niece, Lori Bair, and so Lori could see her Mother and Son. I have never felt so at home in my life as I did at the Alderson house and I’m 72. Julia came and picked us up at the airport and from that time on we felt very welcome. Julia was a wonderful host and Nancy and I just loved how sweet she was to us. we were just totally blessed with our stay at the Alderson house and as Pastor of the Country Church in Newcastle, Wyoming, we’re going to treat the Alderson house as an outreach mission and send a tithe as often as we can. God Bless you all, and that little sweet heart Julia. Bill Haley

  15. I read the article written by Patrick O’Neill about your HOUSE as a respite for women prisoners’ families in the National Catholic Reporter newspaper June 7-20, 2013. I was so fabulously impressed that I got on-line and checked out the website, contributed a donation, and plan to do so whenever I can. I am retired now, take care of a Vietnam Vet just recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and have been involved with another national organization called CURE (Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants) for families AND those incarcerated. The article in NCR was MOST informative and I was so glad to have come across it. I will inform our NM CURE membership of this wonderful home. I close with a 4 line poem written by an Australian poet:
    Life is mostly froth and bubble
    Two things stand like stone,
    Kindness in another’s trouble
    And Courage in your own.

    Be of good courage

  16. We just came home from spending time at AHH to see our much loved friend and sister in the prison. This was my second stay at your wonderful old, warm home. We felt so welcomed and comforted and supported by both the staff and the other guests. Being at the Hospitality House is part of what makes visiting the prison more bearable. I will always stay there when I make that six hour trip to Alderson. I deeply thank all those who make this haven possible.

  17. I have had a wonderful experience every time I have had the pleasure of staying at AHH..
    The staff are awesome people and the home is very comfortable if it were not for there passionet beleif in fairness and equal rights for everyone and of course the hard work that they put out, several Families would not be able to visit there loved ones !!

    I again thank you and I will see you again soon.

  18. A family member spoke on the phone with Brian, and couldn’t have more wonderful things to say about him and Kathleen. We were anxious for many reasons to arrive. We believe your are providing a much needed service, however our experience was not positive. Supper is not served on Sunday’s as the web says, we had to ask another person ( was visiting for a super bowl party) for towels as there weren’t any provided, we had no hot water at all (unable to shower), and breakfast was put out at 8:30 am, not 6:30 am (we had to leave by 8:45). We all felt that if Brian and Kathleen were there, our experience would have probably been much different. Please don’t misunderstand, the staff was very pleasant, but unfortunately we’ll find other arrangements for our visits. God Bless you for your mission here. We sincerely hope that our experience was not one others will have.

  19. This weekend was my first time visiting my sister. She told me about AHH and I was able to make reservations. I was very hesitant at first because I didn’t know what to expect. This is a very difficult time for me and my family and staying at AHH helped in so many ways. However, once my husband and I got there, we met the most wonderful and warm people we’ve ever met. We made friends with the other guests and will always stay there when visiting my sister. It will never be easy seeing her there and having to say good bye to her but the visits will be easier because of AHH and the wonderful people who run it.

  20. Many years ago, I spent the night at your establishment more than a few times. I never had a dime to donate to you and you never turned me away. One such visit was on a Christmas eve night back in the year 2004. I brought my little girl with me to visit with her mother at Alderson that year. The babies name was Becca Meek, her mother’s name Michelle Williams and she was only a month old then. She had been born at Lewisburg W.V. and to this day, I’ll never forget the joy that that brought to her mother to get to see her little girl at Christmas. Although her mother and I are no longer together, I’ll never forget the magic of your hospitality house that holiday season. I am forever in debted to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may god bless you.

  21. Your place is very inviting, warm and friendly. Since our first stay, we fell in love with the place and everything about it…good food, family and friends! Alderson is doing great things with our families! Happy Holidays and God Bless to all who come!

  22. Thank you Brian, Kathleen,Chrissy for a wonderful visit in June.This was my husbands first time visiting our daughter and he fell in love with AHH,the town of Alderson.This was my 3rd time visiting and our daughters 7th.My grandson Archer loves to come to the “Big whitehouse” to see his Mommy and play with the trains and other children that are there.You are always so helpful, and the house and rooms are always clean and inviting.Thank you for all your love and support during a stressful time,you have made it a home away from home for so many. Our prayers are for all of those wives,daughters&mothers and their families.

  23. I want to thank Brian,Kathleen and Chrissy for everything during my stay over Easter weekend. I wasnt sure if I could afford to make the trip from Pittsburgh.When I found out about The Hospitality House it was a blessing!!They made our stay very comfortable it was a home away from home. I came with a little boy Jack whom hadnt seen his mom in 5 months. Im trying to come for another visit in May. I told my family I wish I could do something as wonderful as what this house and the people who run it does. Just think I may have to look into that 🙂 Once again thank you and I will see you again soon.

  24. i have stayed at the house now about 4 times and going next month again if not for them i would be able to see my wife that much or our 2and ahalf yr old see his mom. the ones who work there always make us feel right at home any my son love it up there playground across the street the trains , the big play room for the kids . i have meet people from all over the place who come to see their love ones just sitting around talking after a vist at the prison helps alot, to me its the best place you can stay if you have younger kids they all get to play together so they not having to think about why mom not getting to come home with them yet.i thank God for the house and the staff that help me get thu this hard time on me and my kids and wife

  25. I have stayed many times at the Alderson Hospitality House. Those who work on the prisoner’s and my behalf are always friendly, caring, and compassionate. The BEST part about staying at the Alderson Hosp. House is being able to talk with others in a similar situation, hearing stories, receiving a listening ear…..while sipping a great cup of coffee, relaxing in the spacious family room, on the balconies, front porch, or gathering in the kitchen. The rooms are spacious and clean, with the whole ambiance of the old home warm, welcoming. The bathrooms were updated and are very nice. So much hard work, love, and care, have gone into making this a place of rest and respite for all who come to visit a prisoner. May God richly bless this ministry! Thank you to each who have ministered to me!

  26. Oh its been 10yrs and i am just as thankful today as I was back during 2001 when you nurtured my husband and daughter. She was in school in Pa and use to drive down to see me. She held on with mental support from people like you and is now a dentist. Thank you so much for being there and being so warm and caring. My husband says you are an excellent “bed & breakfast” and wants to come back just because. My Christmas donation is on the way. May god continue to bless you.

  27. My family and I had such An awesome time on our visit to alderson. The staff at alderson house was warm and so much appreciated. This was our first visit to west virgina, and they made us feel welcome and treated us like family, they even gave my grandaughter a birthday party for her second birthday. Thank you alderson house and may God continue to bless you in all of your efforts. Mary Mason

  28. I am from New York, I stayed at Alderson Hospitality house for a weekend, I can tell you it was a wonderful time. The managing team was very nice to all the guesses that stayed while I was there. I am very happy of the service that they provided to all of us. Keep up the good work Guys…..

  29. We visited our daughter 5 times over the past year and had the pleasure of staying at AHH each time. We always left a donation, but never felt it was enough, just all we could manage with traveling 21 hours round trip to visit. This is one of the neatest ministries we have ever had the pleasure of knowing about. We fell in love with the staff (and the fantastic food you all cooked), but also this wonderful historical house. To know that is is being used to minister not only to the family/friends but also to the ladies at the camp is very encouraging in this day and age. The wonderful play room was such a blessing with having a 3 year old to entertain! She actually had her third birthday there and you managed a cake in her honor! How sweet of you. When we decided to visit for Christmas we did not know that you would manage for Santa to know that our granddaughter was there! The preparation (even the adults weren’t left out) really was outstanding in the decorations and the holiday meals. It was one of the best Christmasas we have had in many years and that is strange since the family is separated by incarceration, but you all made it a wonderful experience in spite of that. We will never forget the sincere prayer before each meal for God’s blessings on the ones gathered for the meal, the folks that made it possible for the meal and especially for our dear loved one at the camp. It meant so very much to us and wish to thank you for allowing God to work through you to minister in this very special way. Ashley, Kathleen and Brian, blessings are sure to come to you very special people!

  30. I think you are providing a much-needed and valuable service not only to the folks visiting their loved ones at the Alderson FWP, but also to the community and the inmates themselves. Perhaps without you, some of the inmates would not be able to have visitations. Please keep up the great work!

  31. i had oneof the best experiences of my life with you! i will never forget each and everyone there. i will be keeping my next visit on thursday the 14th of oct. i do llive on a very limitedbudget but i plan and pray that i can support on a regular basis the one group who i have seen to deserve my support. i will be sending a little extra on the first by usmail/mo. of course this will not substitue for my donation when i arrive. i had such a good time/experience. i only wish everyone were more like you guys! see you soon!!

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