Making Reservations

The Alderson Hospitality House is offered only to  families and friends who are visiting loved ones  incarcerated at the Federal Prison Camp. Because we have limited space, in order to stay at the Hospitality House, you must be on an inmates approved visitation list. Also please note that we are often unable to accommodate groups with more than 4 adults (the maximum allowed during a visit to an inmate at FPC Alderson.) 

We accept reservations in person and by telephone only (304) 445-2980, and they can be made up to one year in advance of your visit. Please try to make reservations as early as you can; it is not unusual for all of our rooms to be booked a month in advance for a busy weekend and several months in advance of holidays.

If you will be arriving via train or airplane it is essential that you make your reservation with us before you make your travel reservations to be sure that we will have a room available for you and that we will be able to provide transportation to the house for you.

Because we often have more requests than we can accommodate, we maintain a waiting list for most weekends.  If we should have a full reservation list and cannot reserve a room for you immediately, we are happy to take your reservation information and give you a call if/when a room becomes available.  Unfortunately, this will often be at the last minute, but we will contact you as quickly as possible.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you are unable to get a room here at the Hospitality House here is a list of other options:


Riverview Motel   304-445-2550

Lewisburg (about 30 minutes drive from FPC Alderson)

Motel 6  304-645-6451

Hampton Inn 304-645-7300

Super 8 Motel 304-645-3188

Holiday Inn Express  800-315-2621

Quality Inn 304-645-7722

Historic General Lewis Inn 304-445-2600

Cancellation Policy

We have a waiting list most weekends so it is essential that guests call as soon as possible when they need to cancel a reservation.  We understand that things come up, so there is no penalty for canceling a reservation at the Hospitality House as long as you call us immediately so that we can give your room to someone on the waiting list.  If you simply do not show up without calling us to cancel your reservation, your name will be placed on a probation list; and if the problem is repeated, you may no longer be able to make reservations to stay with us.