At the Alderson Hospitality House we have 13 guest rooms.  Our rooms are not numbered but rather are named after strong and influential women (and one man) who serve as inspiration and examples for us.  Room names include Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, and Dorothy Day.

Our rooms range in sleeping capacity from one to eight guests and are all booked on a first come first serve basis.  We have one wheelchair accessible room (Hillary Benish) with an attached bathroom which is also wheelchair accessible.  If you need to stay in this room, please make reservations well in advance as it is our only wheelchair accessible room and books up quickly. Read more about the bedrooms here.

In each of our rooms you will find all the linens that you will need during your stay with us, including towels and washcloths.  All but three of our rooms have sinks for your convenience, and every room has floorboard heaters so that each party can regulate the temperature in their room to their personal liking.

We have 5 restrooms in the house, one on the main floor, three on the second floor, and one on the third floor.  The first and third floor restrooms have showers.  On the second floor, there are two shower rooms in addition to the restrooms.

In addition to our guest rooms, we have a large kitchen where meals are served; a living room with couches, comfortable chairs, reading lamps and a television; and a kid’s playroom with toys, couches, a television and children’s videos.  If you would like to bring a video game system along to play during your stay with us you are more than welcome to hook it up in this room. Please remember, though, that the Hospitality House is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property which you choose to bring into the house.

In addition to the comforts to be found inside the Hospitality House, we have a private park across the street.  Our park has lots of grass, large shade trees, a playground, picnic tables and a beautiful creek.  We keep a variety of things such as soccer balls, bocce ball set, Frisbee etc. for the enjoyment of our guests. We invite everyone to enjoy the park but remind parents that supervision of minors is not the responsibility of Hospitality House Staff.

For our guests who enjoy basketball, we do have a basket in back of the house; though, on very busy weekends this may not be available for use due to our need for parking spaces.