How The House Works

Making Reservations

If you want to stay with us at the Hospitality House, the first step is to call and make a reservation  (see Making Reservations).

When You Arrive

A few days before your arrival we will call you to confirm your reservation and to ask what time you expect to arrive so that we are ready for you. When you first arrive at the Hospitality House, please come to the office next to the front door where you will find a staff person.  Tell us the last name under which your reservation was made so that we can check you in and show you to your room.

While you are Here


We prepare meals during our high occupancy days at the Hospitality House. For those who are staying with us on an evening when we do not prepare dinner (Thursday for example), or if you don’t want to eat what we are serving, The Big Wheel restaurant (reasonably priced small-town diner) and a Subway sandwich shop are the two options in Alderson.

Breakfast     6:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.         Any morning we have guests.

Continental Style – consisting of a variety of cereal, bread, yogurt, fruit, juice, coffee and milk.

5:00pm   Saturday, Sunday

Dinners range from homemade pizza, lasagna and other pasta dishes, to enchiladas, burgers, hot dogs, and sides to go along.

Please eat your meals at kitchen or living room tables. If there is a spill, please notify the staff so that we can clean it up right away. Please let us know if we should be expecting you for a meal.

Kitchen Use

Please do not take anything out of the fridge or pantry that you did not put in. There is a snack cabinet that you are welcome to eat from.

We do not have adequate facilities for guests to cook their own meals in our kitchen, but guests are welcome to use our microwave and toaster oven.  Please wash any dishes that you may use between mealtimes.  We cannot guarantee that we will have room in our fridge for food or beverages which guests bring. However, if we do have room, we will be happy to share space in the fridge.  If you have medicines which need to be refrigerated, please have them clearly labeled and notify a staff person that they will be in the fridge.


The Hospitality House provides all the linens necessary to make your visit a comfortable one. Each bed has a comforter and sheets that are washed after each group checks out, as well as towels, wash clothes and extra blankets. We ask that our guests use the same towel and washcloths for the duration of their visit. If you need a new set of linens, please ask a staff member.

Guest Laundry

The Hospitality House washer and dryer is not available for use by guests.

“Rules” of the House

The Hospitality House is a wonderful and warm community where we hope each person will feel like family.  In order to make each person’s stay with us as comfortable as possible we have some general rules which we ask everyone to follow:

  • The Alderson Hospitality House is available only to guests who are on the approved visitation list of a woman currently at Alderson FPC and their children 15 and under. All guests must leave the house during prison visiting hours so we can do housekeeping and meal preparation.  We do not serve meals during visitation hours.
  • There is absolutely no smoking or use of other tobacco products in the house. The first and second floor porches have designated smoking areas, or you may smoke outside in front of the house.  Please use the ash trays provided.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the house or on our property, including our park across the street.  Any guest who is believed to be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs puts the house and its guests at risk and will be asked to leave.
  • All guests under the age of 18 are the responsibility of, and are to be supervised at all times by, an adult in their party.
  • Quiet time begins at 10 p.m. to allow everyone a peaceful and adequate night’s rest.  Please have children calmed and ready for bed by 10 p.m.  If there is a minor in your party he or she is allowed to be downstairs past 10pm as long as there is a responsible adult downstairs with him/her.